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Report Suspicious Activity - Call: 877-24WATCH

Report What You Find to be Unusual!

First, call the National Response Center at 877-24WATCH. For immediate danger to life or property, call 911, or call the U. S. Coast Guard on Marine Channel 16.

Never approach someone you fear may be about to commit a crime. Make some notes, such as the person's appearance, clothing, vehicle license plate, and the type of boat, vehicle or aircraft involved. Take a picture if you can, but keep your distance if the situation seems hostile.

Provide Details:

Be specific with details whenever you report something amiss to authorities. Generalized descriptions and concerns don't provide sufficient information and may not carry the appropriate sense of urgency.

Details Carry Weight:

For Example: "I'm at the Safe Haven Marina and just saw [something dangerous] loaded from a White SUV into a turquoise Boston Whaler with the registration number of CF1234YZ. I can't read the SUV's plate number, but I think it's an out-of-state plate. The boat operator seems to be intimidated by his passengers, and the passengers seem to be trying to keep out of sight. I think something bad is about to happen." Pay attention to height, weight, gender, clothing, or other identifiable traits of the people engaged in suspicious activity -- you may be asked for this type of information.

How to Make a Proper Description of a Person, Boat or Vehicle

Never use race or religion as an indicator of suspicious activity. Always rely on the idea that what you are observing is like a puzzle. If your instincts suspect suspicious activity, and you have observed a person's/group's actions that you can report to back up your instincts and feelings, then you can report your observations using the CYMBALS method described below.

All reports should contain the 5 Ws and an H, which means you should be able to articulate a majority of the Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How aspects of what's going on. This will be the line of questioning you can expect from law enforcement when submitting a report. If you do not have a majority of these questions covered, then articulate exactly what makes you feel suspicious of a person, group, or situation when reporting.

People Boats Vehicles
  • Color (hair, eyes, skin)
  • Year (of birth, approximate age)
  • Make (race, ethnicity)
  • Body (height, weight, build, etc)
  • Attire (clothing, description, dress, etc)
  • Looks (hair, scars, tatoos, facial hair, etc)
  • Sex (male, female)
  • Color (paint, markings, etc)
  • Year (of amnufacture, approximate age)
  • Make (make and model of boat)
  • Body (length, type: cruiser, runabout, PWC, etc)
  • Accessories (name, antennas, flag, inboard/outboard)
  • License / registration number
  • State of registration
  • Color (pain, markings, etc)
  • Year (of manufacture, approximate age)
  • Make (make and model of vehicle)
  • Body (sedan, truck, SUV, 4/2 door, etc)
  • Any thing else (dents, stickers, rims, etc)
  • License plate number
  • State of registration