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Report Suspicious Activity - Call: 877-24WATCH

What Else Should I Do?

Secure and lock your boat when not on board. Take the keys. Disable the engine on stored or trailered boats, and make sure the boat is not easily moved.

If you manage a waterside facility where employees such as dockmasters or attendants wear uniforms or safety apparel with identifying logos, badges and/or nametags, make sure the uniforms are stored in a relatively secure area -- safe from theft by potential terrorists who may want to blend in by assuming a false identity

Display an America's Waterway Watch decal prominently on a window of your boat or at your place of business

Marinas and other waterfront businesses should display an AWW poster, and have informational brochures and decals readily available for customers who want to participate in the program. A key deterrent to terrorism is publicizing the fact that people are watching for suspicious activity.

If you feel you could use further information about AWW or training on how to identify suspicious activities, contact your local Coast Guard office or a local Flotilla of the Coast Guard Auxiliary. The U.S. Coast Guard or U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary will be pleased to arrange formal classroom training for all of your employees. You may be asked to provide classroom facilities, and materials (i.e. Large enough meeting room, video projector, white board, markers, etc).