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Why do We Need America's Waterway Watch?

For over 200 years, members of the United States Coast Guard have dedicated their lives to keeping America's waterways safe, secure, and environmentally sound. With such a diverse set of missions, there is no way we could be so successful in those missions without creating partnerships with the American public.

One of our Service's greatest strengths is that we routinely reach out to assist and collaborate with others to achieve common goals. If you live, work, or recreate near the water – as tens of millions of Americans do – you too have a vital role to play through a program called America's Waterway Watch.

America's Waterway Watch is an extension of the successful program we launched in 2006. We've enhanced it to make it more dynamic and easier for the public to engage with us in being the eyes and ears for the brave men and women working hard to keep our homeland safe.

Your help will vastly increase the reach and power of your Department of Homeland Security, the Coast Guard and all of America's homeland defenders.

Through America's Waterway Watch, you can make a difference.